In these pages I will be writing about what matters to me, hoping it will be of interest, and maybe help the people who read it.

First, I’ll be writing about what moves me as a lecturer in the Marketing Management Department at ESADE Business School. Passionate about helping companies and entrepreneurs carry their products to the market and set up a proper Sales Strategy. Developing a thesis about Key Account Management (KAM) Effectiveness. Fascinated by innovation, technology and all the new ways to do things better.

Also, I am an active (likes to work out) father of two, living in Madrid and enjoying the city as a training ground. I run and bike in it, not as often as I would like, and struggle to find a pool that will conquer my heart. The best thing is to take the family in these outings.

Finally, as a man / dad / husband / citizen / academic, I think a lot about my role in society, and there will be some ramblings on this issues too.